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Friday, November 10, 2006


Well, it is so weird to say, but Rutgers Football remains undefeated! After many years as a losing team, Rutgers just had it's biggest game in its history! I am no sports writer so please read this article for better info about the miraculous turnaround win!

I feel like I'm in a bizarro world, where everything opposite is happening. First, the Democrats win back Congress(!), then Senate(!!), then Rumsfeld resigns(!!!), then Britney is hot again(!) and now this: Rutgers' football team is winning like crazy! It's been a most excellent week! I can't take credit for the photo because I couldn't go to the game. This is a shot my younger sister, Rabayah, took during the game that just ended an hour ago. I think there were over 44,000 fans there which must've been good for the team.

I can't pretend to be behind Rutgers football entirely, mostly because the school budget is disproportionately cut in their favor and students have had to make up the difference with inferior facilities, dorms, and textbook scams. However, I'm still happy we've got something to be proud of, so as a dear friend of mine put it, "I'll only say this once, GO RU!"


Blogger edwin s said...

Looks like a field of red chillie peppers! Great shot Sadia!

1:20 AM

Blogger Olivier said...

la photo est fantastique, on ne doit pas voir grand chose du match quand on est tout en haut. en france on peut suivre le foot us universitaire et je suis toujours surpris par la ferveur qu'il y a. ici il y a rarement du public dans les competitions universitaires

the photograph is fantastic, one should not see large thing of the match when one is all in top.
in France one can follow the foot university US and I am always surprised by the enthusiasm of the public. here there is seldom of the public in the university competitions

2:12 AM

Blogger Eric said...

I love the photo too. Thank you Rabayah (OK, and you Sadia for posting it! - a real team work!)

And LOL on your "I feel like I'm in a bizarro world, where everything opposite is happening." What's next? A man on the moon???

2:42 AM

Blogger Kala said...

My friend went to Rutgers so I am sure he is very happy - and why is it that Britney is hot again - I also read about that - and how wonderful we may actually have a more reasonable government that hopefully will not threaten every country with war - thanks to your sis for a great shot! I feeeeeel the energy =)

3:50 AM

Blogger Kala said...

Oh WOW - they beat number three ranked Louisville and what a game it was - the Rutgers kicker missed the first field goal that would have put them ahead but a penalty flag against Louisville allowed him to kick again 5 yards closer to the goal and he kicks it in between the uprights for a score, beating Louisville - a huge upset. The last time Rutgers had an upset win was in 1988! I just watched the sports news hehehe

5:53 AM

Blogger santy said...

wow! very interesting shot, Sadia!

11:12 PM

Blogger santy said...

Oh, and Eid Mubarak to you! Never too late to say that, eh? I've posted Eid pictures as well if you'd like to check it out:

11:16 PM


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