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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

All Aboard!

Getting off the NE Corridor line at the train station. I like the fact that some jobs still require old fashioned uniforms. I like special hats and trousers. Then again, I never had to wear one day in and day out. Have any of you ever had to wear some kind of uniform? Do/Did you like wearing one? I'd be interested to know.


Blogger Olivier said...

aujourd'hui je n'aime pas les trains, il y a greve en region parisienne de la Sncf pendant deux jours ;o((.
en effet les vieux costumes sont agreables a voir, mais j'aimerais pas en porter. je crois que je suis dans une journée "j'aime pas" ;o))

today I do not like the trains, there is strike in Paris area of the SNCF during two days ;O((. indeed the old costumes are pleasant has to see, but I would not like to carry some. I believe that I am in one day “I do not like” ;O))

11:14 PM

Blogger Kala said...

Nope not me - thankfully - I'm not a uniform kind of person - I prefer making my own fashion statement =D

5:37 AM

Blogger edwin s said...

i did once. a pizza hut outfit when I was 16. don't ask. i was bored with school for a couple of weeks.

5:19 AM

Anonymous JC said...

Well, I was a historical interpreter for a while, which required not a uniform but strict adherence to an 1824 dress code (Allaire Village- you ever been there?).

And Dunkin Donuts. Always a tacky shirt of some sort tucked into khakis. Wouldn't call it old-fashioned, though.

1:04 AM

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12:17 AM

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