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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Some random part of the Cook College farming land. One of the best things about Cook College is their agriculture program because it keeps places like this unspoiled. Although I believe Cook College is now referred to as the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) . Doesn't quite roll off the tongue as easily as the old name, but it definitely gives a more accurate description of the school.


Blogger Olivier said...

Photo MAGNIFIQUE. cela doit etre agreable d'aller dans cette ecole.

SPLENDID photograph. that must be pleasant to go in this school.

7:31 AM

Blogger Kala said...

Cook College is definitely easier to remember but I guess the new name could be a good trivia question for an acronym - nice photo and clouds are just amazing

3:57 AM

Blogger edwin s said...

i don't what it is that pulls me into this shot but it is simply stunning and so picturesque.

3:31 PM

Blogger Matthieu said...

So peaceful

4:25 PM


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