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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

cheesy rhyme alert!

I like to run when I can. It helps my mind unravel. Sometimes when I haven't ran, I start to miss the gravel.


Blogger Carlos said...

I don't run much lately, I miss it, that's why my mind is all entangled. I agree with you, it brings balance to the mind.

12:26 PM

Blogger Olivier said...

J'aime beaucoup courir en foret, cela delasse, cela destresse.
J'ais des problemes a un genou, ce qui fait que je suis oblige de faire des pauses, et au bout d'un moment je commence a etre en manque.
Tu courres en foret ? en ville ? ou sur une piste ?

12:31 PM

Anonymous Albus Cavus said...

this blog is awesome! thanks... keep it going!

4:52 PM

Blogger Louz said...

I used to like to run in the forest too, though I think the beach is the best. No running now - I'm just slow and out of shape :-( Really like the peach pit photo by the way. Never looked at a peach pit that way before.

3:29 AM

Blogger Sadia said...

Le non d'Oh Olivier, celui est trop mauvais au sujet de votre genou. J'obtiens des douleurs dans mes tibias souvent. J'aime courir dehors, habituellement juste autour du voisinage, mais j'aime être dans la forêt les la plupart.

Thanks carlos, albus and louz! I don't run as often as I'd like, it's nice to know I'm not the only one, hehe.

4:51 AM

Blogger Eric said...

I can confirm that I don't run at all. My excuse is that "it's bad for the knees", but, hey, it's just an excuse... I like this photo for the image it has of someone coming in from outside, kicking off their shoes, and probably sitting on a sofa somewhere cooling down.

3:00 AM

Blogger Sadia said...

Hah! Way to hit the nail on the head, Eric! I was sitting on my bed after a particularly good run and looked down to find my photo for the day.

3:20 AM

Blogger Kala said...

I like this photo - something different and something I can surely relate to, although I miss the mountains more than the gravel =)

4:01 AM


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