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Saturday, October 07, 2006

boys will be boys

Some kids enjoying an unusually warm day on the Douglass campus.
This big open area is one of the nicest spots on Douglass and behind the trees, on the right, there is a man made pond with a fountain.

There are usually some cute ducks swimming around and sometimes you can even spot a heron. It's good that they put benches all around the pond, because it's a nice place to just sit and think.


Anonymous Zsolt72 said...

at places like this I love to read a book and to forget about time. Until spring I am afraid I wont have any opportunities to do this in Budapest.

3:48 PM

Blogger Olivier said...

Tres belle photo, bien vu avec les enfants qui jouent au baseball

2:11 AM

Anonymous Susan said...

What a lovely park. That hill looks perfect for rolling down.

1:47 AM

Anonymous John - Melbourne said...

were the girls too busy cooking?

(Only joking!!)

4:09 AM

Blogger edwin s said...

wonderful shot sadia! i love how the boys are in sillhouette and the trees are brightly lit by the evening sun.

6:42 AM

Blogger Louz said...

Idlylic scene. Very nice photo. I like lakes (or rivers) as thinking places too.

5:09 PM

Blogger Sadia said...

Thanks everyone! It's hard not to take a nice picture of this area.

Susan: I have rolled down that hill and it was really fun.

John: Was that a crack at my photo of the burned milk last week? Because who knew you could burn milk?

6:54 AM

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