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Sunday, November 05, 2006

let this be a lesson for all you drunk witches

Hello! I've returned. I got quite ill for a few days, but I'm doing much better now. On a walk today I saw this very funny Halloween decoration of a witch crashed into a tree. I liked this a lot because it was very original and looked like it was homemade. I feel like too many people buy the same decorations from the store these days. It's nice to see some creativity on the lawns of America!


Blogger Kate said...

You're right; it's quite amusing. Hope you continue to get well; being sick is a real bummer.

10:12 PM

Blogger Olivier said...

Voila une bonne decision ;o) tout le sait pour voler, il ne faut pas boire ;o). Boire ou voler, il faut choisir ;o)

Veiled a good decision ;O) all it can to fly, one should not drink ;O). To drink or fly, it is necessary to choose ;O)

10:55 PM

Blogger Carol said...

Cute decoration!

8:42 AM

Blogger Kala said...

glad u r feelin better! I do agree - creativity is nice and I would definitely not want to end up like this witch - no drinking and flying for me =D

5:23 AM

Blogger Lisi said...

very humorous...

9:21 AM

Blogger Kris said...

hehe..good one!
glad to hear you're well again

7:24 AM


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