All the photos on this website were taken by me in the city of New Brunswick, NJ, USA. Hopefully, you will find them interesting.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

last night

The building to the right is the train station photographed at night from the Ferren Parking deck. This train goes all over, but most people take it to New York City. Depending on what mood I'm in, passing by the train station elicits different reactions in me. Last night, it was a nostalgic feeling. I started missing all the times my friends and I would be stuck waiting for a train. It was usually freezing, too crowded and there'd be the faint smell of urine hanging in the air. At the time, it would be unbearable and we'd wish the train would just hurry up and get there. But it was in these moments that the best stories were in the making, the best jokes were made, and the best friends were solidified. Yeah, last night was a good night to pass by the train station.


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