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Saturday, September 16, 2006

market woes

In keeping with the primary color theme: C Town. One weird thing about New Brunswick is that it is almost devoid of supermarkets. C Town is a low quality supermarket located in the "bad" part of town and has virtually no competitors. Why doesn't anyone build better supermarkets? There's no need to because all the people that matter, ( i.e. higher income groups) can afford to drive miles to the market of their choice, while those without personal transport are left with C Town.

The thing is, today was such a beautiful day, that even C Town looked splendid.


Blogger Kala said...

that was an interesting info - that is too bad that socioeconomic circumstances also affect the type of food stores that one has access to.

10:45 AM

Anonymous Margaret said...

There used to be other big name supermarkets in town but as more people got cars, the demographics changed, shoplifting picked up and it was no longer feasable to stay in town. There used to be an Acme and A&P on George St. near the railroad tracks. This C-town used to be a Foodtown for a long time. There was a supermarket at the other end of Livingston Ave. near North Brunswick too. It was many things when I lived there, Pantry Pride, Stop & Shop, Pathmark... plus there were many small markets, butcher shops and fish markets which I'm sure no longer exist today. You have made me think of my younger years with your pictures Sadia. You can not imagine what it looked like over 45 years ago in New Brunswick. The downtown area is almost unrecognizable but the inner city is almost exactly the same in a lot of parts.

1:45 AM


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